Magic by Kevin for the Best School Assembly Ever!

Kids and Teachers Alike Will Rave About the Show

There are plenty of ways to keep children busy, but only a few ways to keep everyone entertained. Teachers are always looking for a assembly that will be entertaining enough to keep the children’s attention and be interactive, Magic by Kevin will do just that. Magic is perfect for all ages. The Magic by Kevin show will hold his or her attention and will not leave anyone bored.

Magic can open up your child’s mind to new and exciting things. Students can learn to think differently but most of all they will laugh. Along with magic and illusions there will be laughing and smiling, lots of laughing.

School assembly

Surprise Your Students With Something Magical

A fun and different, for all ages, magic show is the perfect event for a school assembly. The Magic by Kevin show will entertain the entire school. Most assemblies are geared to a specific age or interest and students can get bored. So forget the guest speaker and let your students have some laughs. Kevin promises a high-energy show that will leave some of your students curious and some mesmerized but all will walk away entertained.

Why Consider Magic by Kevin?









These are just a few of the words that customers have used to describe Magic by Kevin. Kevin takes great pride in the fact that his customers have wanted to share their outstanding feelings about his performance. Kevin’s goals are to entertain, make you laugh and inspire children at any grade level.

Magic by Kevin - Educational Performance Packages

The Basic Package
includes 30 minutes of fun-filled magic tricks with lots of audience participation with students and teachers.

The Deluxe Package
includes magic tricks and illusions for 45 minutes, a live appearance from Wascal Wabbit, and several students may get to do some magic.

*All prices are subject to change, depending on the number of children and/or amount of travel required.