Magic by Kevin Will Perform in Ohio

Invite Magic in to Your Kids Next Birthday Party

Cincinnati to Cleveland, Magic by Kevin is the clear choice for entertainment at your next child’s birthday party. No matter the theme or the location, in Ohio, of your birthday party it will be a hit with Magic by Kevin as your entertainment. To book Magic by Kevin today call 304-677-8008 or send an email to

Magic by Kevin’s shows are high-energy performances with mind blowing magic tricks that are proven and time tested. Each show includes a floating chair and an appearance from the Wascal Wabbit. Children feel mesmerized after seeing a show and leave with a sense of awe and wonder. Each birthday party will be choreographed around the birthday boy or girl and they will be the star of the show. Party goers will have long lasting smiles on their faces as they remember your child's birthday party as the party of the season.


Let Magic by Kevin Make Your Next School Assembly Magical

Start an Ohio state school system tradition by adding Magic by Kevin to your school assembly calendar. A show from Magic by Kevin can do just that. Students of all ages will be entertained by a high-energized magic show that will make them laugh and think all at the same time.

The goal is not always to keep the children busy, it’s to entertain them. Teachers are always looking for a assembly that will be entertaining enough to keep the children’s attention and also be interactive. Magic by Kevin will do just that. Magic is perfect for all ages. The Magic by Kevin show will hold his or her attention and will not leave anyone bored.