The Magic Show for Children of All Ages and Events

Magic Can Fit in Anywhere

A magic show will entertain any child with a combination of curiosity and fun. Event planners everywhere enjoy a magic show because it is an attention grabber. During a Magic by Kevin show children are entertained and full of laughs for the entire length of the show.

Teachers are big fans of magic shows because it is a fun rewarding activity for their school with a dash of education sprinkled in. Also a magic show can take place in any setting. Birthday parties, school assemblies, community events, local library, and family reunions and are just a few of the most popular children events that would be great for a show from Magic by Kevin.

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Be Different for Your Child's Next Party

Are you looking for a different way to entertain the children at your next event? It’s Magic! Everyone does pool parties, outside games or arts and crafts, why not be different? Create an event that is not only fun and entertaining but sparks their childhood curiosity and makes them think. Magic by Kevin will do just that.

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Magic by Kevin - Spectacular Event Packages

The Basic Package
includes 30 minutes of fun-filled magic tricks with audience participation on many tricks.

The Deluxe Package
includes magic tricks and illusions for 45 minutes, a live appearance from Wascal Wabbit, floating a child, and several tricks including audience participation.

*All prices are subject to change, depending on the number of children and/or amount of travel required.

In Their Own Words, Customers Love The Show

Magitastic! Your show was phenomenal! Magic by Kevin was really special. This was my son's sixth birthday. I wanted it to be as special as he is and you did that. You left no one out. That made the day special for each person there, thanks again. I do hope that we will have opportunities to see your full performance in the not to distant future.”
- Justice Mom

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