Add Magic to Your Next
Corporate Event

Think Magic by Kevin For Your Next Corporate Event

In our busy lives full of the stress of day-to-day life, we often forget to take time to enjoy life and laugh. Part of day-to-day stress is our jobs. Outside of going to work each day there are training sessions, meetings, corporate retreats, banquets and parties that your job also requires. So when planning that next corporate event, plan something different that will give employees a break to just laugh.

Think Magic by Kevin. Have a laugh and be entertained in between all the meetings and planning sessions. Before, during and after your event Kevin will be there to lighten the mood of any business affair.

Have A Magician at Your Next Banquet Table

Before dinner, after dinner or while you wait on the next coerce Magic by Kevin can be entertainment for guest at your next banquet. Fill the banquet room with laughter, from your guests, as their time is passed watching illusions right at their table. Excitement will be added to your event by a customized show from Magic by Kevin. Call now at 304-677-8008 to get your date on the books.

Trade Show Magician

The goal of a trade show is to generate traffic or keep traffic at your booth. Magic by Kevin is just the ticket. Having a magician walking the floor of your trade show, doing tricks, will make vendors and guests alike more relaxed. You want to attract guests to your booth, and a magician is the way to go. When one person stops to see what trick is next the crowd will follow. Then your staff is there and ready to let them know what your company is all about.

Magic by Kevin Makes It Easy

One Step Booking

Fully Customizable Show

Proven & Time Tested Tricks & Illusions

No Customer Set-Up

banquet table

Magical Corporate Packages

The Basic Package
includes 30 minutes of fun filled magic tricks with audience participation on several of the tricks.

The Deluxe Package
includes magic tricks and illusions for 45 minutes, a live appearance from Wascal Wabbit, and several of the tricks including audience participation.

*All prices are subject to change, depending on the number of children and/or amount of travel required.