Magic by Kevin, Coming to Your Community

Libraries, Community Events, Local Fairs, and Festivals

When you are planning a community event at your local fair and festival or at your public library make it a crowd pleaser with a magic show. A show from Magic by Kevin can be performed for a large group, a small one or even at an individual table. Magic can be performed anywhere: on a stage, outside in the grass or even poolside. The Magic by Kevin show is very versatile and will be choreographed to fit the audience, location and space. Kevin will make sure that your event is nothing less then spectacular.


Community Events are Magically Memorable

If you are looking for a different activity to have at your community event, think magic. When it comes to community events, a savvy planner will want unique and creative entertainment to bring people in the door. Make your next community event even more special by booking Master Magician, Kevin Lyons. Make arrangements today by calling 304-677-8008.

Magic by Kevin brings splendor and wonder of magic to every community event. The magician interaction with the audience members will keep them entertained, engaged and enthused about being at your event. Give everyone a magical lift at your next community event with the Magic by Kevin Show.

Magic by Kevin - Educational Performance Packages

The Basic Package
includes 30 minutes of fun-filled magic tricks with audience participation on several of the tricks for even the largest of groups. 

The Deluxe Package
includes magic tricks and illusions for 45 minutes, a live appearance from Rascal Wabbit, and several of the tricks including audience participation.

*All prices are subject to change, depending on the number of children and/or amount of travel required.