The Mid-Atlantic's Premier Birthday Party Magician

Professional Magician Serving West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia.

Kevin is located in North Central West Virginia, but he enjoys traveling to different locations to entertain children for their birthdays. The Magic by Kevin show will win the hearts of the children with illusionary magic and lots of laughter; even the adults will.

Call today to check availability (304-677-8008) on dates and remember Kevin is willing to travel to your event. 

Birthday Party

Kid-Friendly Magic, For Birthdays of All Ages

Magic by Kevin’s shows are high-energy performances with mind blowing magic tricks that are proven and time tested. Each show includes the floating child trick and an appearance from the Wascal Wabbit. Children feel mesmerized after seeing a show and leave with a sense of awe and wonder. Each birthday party will be choreographed around the birthday boy or girl and they will be the star of the show. Party goers will have long lasting smiles on their faces as they remember your child birthday party as the party on the season.

Make This Birthday Party Different

Pool parties, ice arenas, skating rinks, and bowling allies are just a few of the typical events that parents use for their child’s birthday parties. Be different, think outside of the box. A children’s magic show from Magic by Kevin would be the perfect way to jazz up the entertainment at your next party.

Magic by Kevin - Great Birthday Party Packages

The Basic Package
includes 30 minutes of fun-filled magic tricks with the birthday guest of honor taking center stage as the magical assistant on several of the tricks.

The Deluxe Package
includes magic tricks and illusions for 45 minutes, a live appearance from Wascal Wabbit, along with the birthday boy or girl being the magical assistant and also doing a few magic tricks them selves.

*All prices are subject to change, depending on the number of children and/or amount of travel required.