Magic by Kevin—the Best Choice for Any Birthday Party

Magic by Kevin promises to be fun for children of all ages and to entertain at birthday parties. Filled with amazing tricks and interactive participation, each magic show offers something unique and special to the audience. Birthday parties that feature a Magic by Kevin show are certain to entertain and inspire.

Customers Love Magic by Kevin

“Entertaining, and (he) interacted very well with the children.”

– Michelle Dejarnet

“We had the pleasure of having Kevin at our daughter’s eighth birthday party. He brought a level of energy and excitement. All of the kids were extremely involved with the whole entire show. He even involved my daughter, which was amazing! Every year, we’ll have Kevin come back!”

– Toni Cooper, Fairmont, WV

“Loved the part with magic money, and the peanut butter and jelly tricks were my favorite. The show was awesome!”

– Gail Crum

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Contact Kevin to have him entertain at your next special event:

Contact Kevin to book Magic by Kevin for you next children’s birthday party, corporate event, community activity or social party.

Call now at 304-677-8008 or email at

Kevin Lyons
618 South Main Street
Philippi, WV 26416

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Premier Magician Serving the Mid-Atlantic Region

Kevin, the star of Magic by Kevin, lives in Philippi, WV, but is the premier magician in the Mid-Atlantic area. He is very active in the magic community, traveling from the mountains of West Virginia up to the steel city in Pennsylvania and down to the beaches of Virginia. Though he currently performs in Clarksburg, Morgantown, Charleston, Parkersburg and the surrounding West Virginia areas, he is more than happy to travel all over West Virginia and portions of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, and Virginia.

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Kid-Friendly Magic for Any Birthday Party

Magic by Kevin guarantees high-energy performances featuring mind-blowing, time-tested tricks. After seeing a show, children will be left with a smile and a sense of wonderment. With swimming pools, skating rinks, and bowling alleys being the old standbys for birthday party entertainment, it might be time to think outside the box.
Kevin choreographs each birthday party to feature the birthday boy or girl as the star of the show.

The Basic Package

The Basic Package includes thirty minutes of entertainment, with the birthday boy or girl acting as the magician’s assistant in several tricks.

The Deluxe Package

The Deluxe Package consists of forty-five minutes of entertainment, a live appearance by Wascal Wabbit, as well as the birthday boy or girl acting as the magician’s assistant and even doing several magic tricks themselves.
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A Magician’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a magic show cost?
Answer For children’s birthday parties, we offer two different entertainment packages. For details, please call (304) 677-8008.
What areas does Kevin perform in?
Answer Kevin currently performs in Clarksburg, Morgantown, Charleston, Parkersburg, and the surrounding West Virginia areas. However, he is more than willing to travel across all of West Virginia, as well as Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, and Virginia.
How much space does Kevin need to set up?
Answer The only area required is a 10’ by 8’ area for equipment and props and an area for the kids to sit and enjoy the show.

Does Kevin need a table?

Answer No, he brings his own case, which folds up into a table.
Can the magic show be performed outdoors?
Answer Yes, for an additional cost—and weather permitting. It is always safer to have the kids’ show indoors, as strong winds could blow away lighter props and there will be fewer distractions.
When should we serve food and cake?
Answer It would be best to serve food and cake after the magic show. If it is served beforehand, kids might find it difficult to stay focused on the performance.

Is a deposit required?

Answer Kevin does not require payment until day of the show, and he accepts cash, checks, and all major credit cards.

Is the show age appropriate?

Answer Yes. Kevin takes pride in the fact that he gears his kids’ shows toward children ages four to eight. He specializes in entertaining children with fun and age-appropriate magic.
When is a good time to start the magic show?
Answer It is best to start the magic show about half an hour after the party begins. This prevents the kids from being distracted by any late-arriving guests.
Can Kevin perform magic show if we happen to celebrate more than one child’s birthday?
Answer Yes, then all of the birthday kids get to be starts of the show. Everything else is the same, except now there are a few more lucky participants!
Can Kevin entertain the children in one room while the adults hang out in another?
Answer Due to liability issues, Kevin requires that parents supervise children at all times by at least one responsible adult (not including Kevin himself).

May infants and babies attend the magic show?

Answer Certainly. However, we recommended that children under the age of three NOT attend the magic show, since they can be distracting to the children and adults who are trying to enjoy the performance. That also goes for pets, who should be kept in a separate area.
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